Tellurium Q Ultra Black II interlink (2XLR-2XLR)


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De Ultra Black is het grotere broertje van de Black interlink. Deze kabel doet alles net even een stapje beter dan de Black interlink

De Ultra Black interlink geeft een voller laag, een romiger hoog en midden en een net wat ruimere soundstage. De Ultra Black is voor die luisteraar die net wat meer body in zijn geluidsbeeld zoekt.

All cables from any manufacturer (in fact anything an electronic signal passes through), will act as an electronic filter which just means that relative phase distortion occurs i.e. a smearing of the natural sound. With this in mind, we have designed cables to be either slightly tailored towards an audiophiles requirement to help with their system or highly neutral and revealing. This has given rise to a 3X3 “matrix” to allow you to pick the level of performance and the sonic quality of your cables with a greater degree of confidence, and accuracy of choice than ever before. It is an unusual approach, but one that audiophiles globally are beginning to really appreciate, and one of the major reasons that Tellurium Q have won so many product of the year awards in such a short time.




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