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De high end speakerkabel van Chord: Sarum T!

Het summum op het gebied van speakerkabel technologie: De Sarum T luidsprekerkabel is een van de beste kabels die er zijn. Ideaal in een systeem met Naim en bijvoorbeeld B&W 800 serie of Focal Sopra/Kanta.


Sarum Cables – a musical revelation

We have spent 20 years researching, experimenting, designing and producing interconnects and speaker cables.  We understand the critical elements needed to produce cables that can carry a signal without any loss or interference and we understand how to produce cables that work synergetically to create outstanding performances from the systems to which they are connected.

Years of experience has produced a musically spectacular collection of products; Sarum cables.  Speaker cable, interconnects and mains cables –  conceived, designed and built to deliver a truly exceptional performance.

Sarum cables won’t just reveal the real performance capabilities of your hi-fi components.  They will allow you further and deeper into the thrilling emotions within a musical performance and will show the true musical prowess of your favourite musicians and singers. To achieve the extraordinary performance levels that Sarum cables bring to a system, we have reinvestigated and refined almost every element and technique previously used.  From the conductors onward, every component that makes up a Sarum cable has been examined and improved.


Award Received in December, 2017

“It’s rare that something truly different comes along in the world of loud-speaker cables – but Chord’s new Sarum T is just that…
They are easily as good as some much more expensive rivals, being open, uncoloured and superbly natural – letting you hear the sound of your amplifier and loudspeakers as they should be.”

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