Chord Chorus Reference analoge interlink (DIN-DIN)


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Chord Chorus Reference: Een verrassend goede interlink nu voor een zeer scherpe prijs

The Chorus Reference’s use of Aray technology first developed for the Sarum Aray brings a fresh sense of realism and closer connection to every piece of music with a clean, smooth and open sound.

Deze Chorus Reference  heeft aan beide zijden 5 pol.DIN-connectors (handig voor Naim!).
Dit is een signaalkabel dus voor het aansluiten van een cd-speler, dac of streamer op een Naim versterker.

I thought I had it all sorted but couldn’t resist testing a set of these interconects. And I was glad I did.  I was reasonably happy with my Chord Cadenza Reference interconnects, which were very good in the detail and spacial departments, though a little edgy on certain CDs. The Chorus are an improvement in every area. The overall sound is smoother, cleaner and has greater depth. Vocals have an extra dimension and “silences” are more silent. Graham


Got these cables after emailing Nigel Flynn at Chord. Nigel recommended these specifically for my set-up. (Running B&W CM9S2 with ARCAM). Very impressed with the advice from both Nigel and Audio-T. The whole setup is wonderful. The running in period really is evident, the whole thing just seems to be getting better. Clearly shows up the poor cables I had previously. Cables were ready/delivered in 24 hours from order.



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